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The game of spoof has been around for years in one form or another, played by gentlemen, sharing comradeship and lively repartee.

This honourable game was returned to Tasmania by twice Australian Spoofing Champion, Ian Waller Esq, on his migration to the Island in the mid 1980's and the Tasmanian School has spawned many a great spoofer since.

Spoofing is conducted regularly at The Riverside Hotel Motel and Championship events are also held at many times and venues around the Island State to which visitors are always welcome.

Details of venues and upcoming events will be found along with the history and rules of this most venerable pastime.

2016 World Spoofing Championships Bangkok for details see Events Page

Anthony Loone Creates History in 2014 Tasmanian Spoofing Championships
Launceston Spoofer Mr Anthony Loone became the first player to win a major championship event from a four way playoff in the semi final

Full story on News page

Peter Lees (on right) with fellow finalist Adrian Coomber at the 2006 Tasmanian Spoofing Championships which Mr Lees went on to win
Tasmanian Spoofing Loses A Legend

Spoofers across Tasmania are mourning the loss of legendary Spoofer Peter Roy Lees on Friday July 17th.
Mr Lees was one of the early devotees of the game from the mid nineties winning the first of his Northern Club Spoofing Championships in 1997 before following with back to back Northern Club crowns in 2002 and 2003.

Mr Lees joins Tasmanian Spoofing School Founder Mr Ian Waller as the only 2 Spoofers to have earned three titles in this most prestigious event.

In the middle of this hot streak, Mr Lees also added the 2000 Tasmanian Spoofing Championships to his considerable achievements.

Peter's etiquette, sportsmanship and camaraderie were of the highest order and set the example for many a young and old Spoofer alike who he was happy to mentor along the way whilst never quite giving away the secrets to his extraordinary grasp of the game.

Mr Lees was also an icon for fairness and principle is his position as leading real estate entrepreneur in Northern Tasmania and will be remembered by many for encouraging, inspiring and assisting them towards personal and business success.

Members of the Spoofing fraternity across the world join with the Tasmanian Spoofers in sending Peter's wife Marlene and his family our thoughts and sympathy on this great loss.

Peter Lees will be remembered as a true gentleman in a gentleman's game and will undoubtedly be soon busy in organising the next Championship in Spoofing Heaven.

Tasmanian Spoofers Adrian (Crim) Coomber, Greg (Plumber) Smith and Ian Waller (pictured above with the Inaugural T.I.T.S. trophy on the wall in background) adter their two nil victory over the Bangkok Gentlemen Spoofers in the third TasBang International Telephonic Spoof (T.I.T.S.)

This victory also means the Tasmanians have ensured a three nil clean sweep of the T.I.T.S. series to enter history as possibly the most successful International Spoofing team ever.

Full scoresheets and report on the T.I.T.S. competition with the Bangkok Gentlemen Spoofers can be found on the News Page.

TasBang International Telephonic Spoof Report

Seoul Gentlemen Spoofers
Join the World Wide Web
Mr Anthony Galloway advises that the gentlemen (and women) of South Korea are now represented with their very own website and forum for discussion on all matters Spoofing.

Follow the link below to get all the latest news from the blokes who spoof with women ....all the time.

Seoul Gentlemen (and Lady) Spoofers

The Seoul Gentlemen Spoofers was founded in 1993 by Andy "GBH" Grieve of England and held its inaugural Championship in 1994, won by two-time World Spoofing Champion, Murray Mexted of New Zealand.

The Seoul School has been strongly represented in international and World Championships since then.

An Autumn Spoofing Championship was held in 1996 and reintroduced in 2000 and, in 2001, the Winter Spoofing Championship was inaugurated.

The Seoul Gentlemen Spoofers is unique in that, along only with the Dublin and Paris schools, it includes Ladies within its definition of Gentlemen.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.


NOUN: 1. Nonsense; tomfoolery. 2. A hoax. 3. A gentle satirical imitation; a light parody.
TRANSITIVE VERB: Inflected forms: spoofed, spoof·ing, spoofs1. To deceive. 2. To do a spoof of; satirize gently.
ETYMOLOGY: After Spoof, name of a game invented by Arthur Roberts (1852–1933), British comedian.
WORD HISTORY: We are indebted to a British comedian for the word spoof. Sometime in the 19th century Arthur Roberts (1852–1933) invented a game called Spoof, which involved trickery and nonsense. The first recorded reference to the game in 1884 refers to its revival. It was not long before the word spoof took on the general sense “nonsense, trickery,” first recorded in 1889. The verb spoof is first recorded in 1889 as well, in the sense “to deceive.” These senses are now less widely used than the noun sense “a light parody or satirical imitation,” first recorded in 1958, and the verb sense “to satirize gently,” first recorded in 1927.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by the Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

gets it's first
International Outing

(Field Report for 14th October 2003)
Bangkok School of Gentlemen Spoofers

Whilst “a fast game is a good game”, certainly an early game was not deemed as such. Although Swampy, Moose, Boy Wonder, The Enforcer! and Doucebag were present at 7.15pm when the Chairman called “When the hands are out”, the response was not enthusiastic with the latter two gentlemen in the process of ordering dinner! However after a bout of verbal dissertation on “I can never win – if I don’t call an early spoof ….etc etc” the Chairman had a school of three in play by 7.30pm.

At a sensible 8pm, Bakers had arrived and after several loud calls of “Only the loser can call a re-spoof”, the Moose finally got the hint and the main school started at 8.05pm. The second call, by Swampy, was “Willie Shoemaker” and in defiance of Bakers, The Enforcer! called ‘Bakers’ but neither were correct.

In the third round, Swampy came on board with ‘The Loose Glute’, a new Tasmanian call for “Holding one calling one”. The Moose, not to be out done, created a new call of “Twisted Knickers” for eight! In the play of this round The Enforcer! decided to give Bakers the honour of his name, and called ‘Imperial’, Bakers duly called ‘Bakers’ and won! This was reversed by round five when identical calls gave victory to “The Enforcer!”.

Report courtesy of the Enforcer
at 'Spooftalk Live'
International Spoofers Network
History of
'The Loose Glute'

Scene: The massage therapist performing a check up on the wife of a prominent Tassie spoofer whilst at a relaxing Sunday barbecue. Cupping the left buttock, the therapist was heard to say “You have a bit of a loose glute” (short for gluteus maximus)

Result: A new spoofing call “The Glute” or even “The Loose Glute”

When holding one and calling one in any occasion

The Glute had its first ever outing Thursday October 9 at a Launceston Show Day holiday spoof.

Mr Clem Smith, aka ‘The Legend’ attempting a massive psychological advantage over Mr Ian Waller in a mano y mano spoofing final at the Riverside Hotel Motel, home of Tassie spoofing. Unfortunately, Mr Waller was holding one also and successfully avoided any impossible calls by responding with the Absent Friends.

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