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Play half decent Rugby as well ! !

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“Mind you, the Australians are a bit louder so it may have just seemed like there were more of them”

Kevin Schwass, Spoofing organizer (and bronze medallist).

2013 New Zealand Nationals Run and Won
The 2013 New Zealand Spoofing Championships were held August 25th at the Dockside in Wellington.

I am pleased to announce that the new NZ Spoofing Champion is none other than Stan Clare (of the doors). Though the group numbers were a little low this year (21), the spoofing was fervent, Wellington put on a wonderful sunny day, the wine was splendid and the company unmatched.

Our congratulations to the silent one (that would be Stan having lost his voice the night before) and we look forward to hosting next year’s championship.
Manawatu Spoofers Championship
18th October 2013

Gentlemen.... The current National Champion Stan Clare Esq.. Has entrusted
Messrs Carr & Wilson Esq.'s again to organise this year’s event.....
The not to be missed 2013 Manawatu Spoofers Championship is to be held at the Tomato Cafe on the Cnr of George & Main sts.....

Come and join us
for a good ole roast, spuds, Yorkshire puds red & white vino.... (no vegos, vegans and tree huggers)

VENUE: TOMATO CAFE Cnr George & Main Sts Palmerston North

TIME: 6.00pm for 6.30 (Ist spoof those late holding none calling none)

COST: $100.00 (inc. food & beverages) cash to be paid on entry
RSVP: 11th October2013

DRESS: Spoofing attire

Calcutta to be run as usual

So gentlemen no whiners or moaners re the date, we are long due for a catch up and enjoy a night of lies, bullshit & spoofing
Carr & Wilson

The following insight into International Spoofing
courtesy of
The International Spoofers Network

Spoofing with the Enemy - by Albert Heenop
In 1981 Wynand Claassen (Springbok captain and No 8) and Murray Mexted (All Black No 8) opposed each other in one of the most intense and dramatic Test series in the history of Rugby Union. The following year, Mexted came out to play a season of “footy” with Natal - alongside Claassen. That was when they established, in Durban, the Edward Spoofing Club. In August this year, Mexted was back in town on his annual South African pilgrimage to call the Tri-Nations for Sky TV and, so, Sharks Magazine thought it opportune to stage the 20th reunion of the Edward Spoofing Club Durban.

The History
In his autobiography, More Than Just Rugby, Claassen vividly recalls the birth of this intriguing assembly of rugby rivals and friends on Tuesday April 27, 1982, in the Causery bar at the Edward.

“On Monday evening after practice Murray told me that we were going 'spoofing' the next night. I must say I did not have the faintest idea what he meant, but the next evening I met Murray, Craig Ross (A Kiwi from Bay of Plenty who played flanker for Natal in 1982) and Doug Florence at the Edward Hotel and we formed the 'Edward Spoofers Club.' “After that we would meet each week to play this interesting game of calculation. There are a number of rules, one being that the first man out orders the drinks and the last man pays. There are clubs all over the world and there are even world championships. “Our new coach, Koos Beukes, worked himself into quite a stew over 'spoofers.' He obviously thought it meant something far more wicked and his concern grew each time he heard we were going spoofing again. “One Wednesday morning he phoned me and, sounding most concerned, said: 'You know, cappie, some guys went spoofing again last night.' I could not help chuckling at Koos' worried tone and invited him along to a spoofing evening to set his mind at rest.” The inaugural Edward Spoofing Championships took place on March 30, 1983, and the next, on April 18, 1984, was held at, of all places, the former Alexandra Hotel, which incorporated the infamous Smugglers Inn, in Point Road! A black tie affair, the official invitation suggested that the “casual atmosphere (of Smuggies) will be the right catalyst for a great evening”, which, no doubt, it was.

Famous quotes from Kiwi Spoofing Legend
and Rugby International
Murry Mexted
Murray Mexted, the former All Black No. 8 and one of the many current one-eyed Rugby commentators, is the only Spoofer to have won the World Spoofing Championships twice. He was the first ever winner when the competition started in 1983 and won again in Bangkok in 1990.

The following quotes are extracted from the event programme for the Inaugural Asian Spoofing Championships held in Bangkok on August 11th, 2003.

"You don't like to see hookers going down on players like that"

"He's looking for some meaningful penetration into the backline"

"Spencer's running across the field calling out 'Come inside me.....come inside me'"

"I can tell you it's a magnificent sensation when the gap opens up like that and you burst right through"

"I don't like this new law, because your first instinct when you see a man on the ground is to go down on him."

"Everybody knows that I've been pumping Martin Leslie for a couple of seasons now."
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